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Who we are?

The Extraordinary Love Community is not just a community of diverse professionals (although that's an important piece). It's a community led by real-life love coaches, relationship experts and therapists. It's a community that brings in guest experts to address YOUR needs. It's a place to ask questions, share stories, get tips and grow your love life...together.

This is a group with NO DRAMA and NO JUDGEMENT.

It is a SAFE place to share your insecurities and struggles as well as your wins and proud Love Hero moments.

It's a place to truly CONNECT with other Love Heroes as if you were in the same room.

We are striving to create a real COMMUNITY. One that tackles the tough issues with love and relationships and celebrates the joys of everyday life.

The Extraordinary Love Community provides support through community, caring and content. We strive to take a holistic view of love, supporting all who are willing to grow into fulfilled, powerful versions of their new self.

Who is this community for?

This community is for open-minded professionals who want to discover greater self-love, navigate relationships, and achieve their greatest dreams.

While this generation is seeing some of the most successful people, many of them are struggling with self-love and relationships. When you decide to go for your dreams, it forever changes you. In the beginning, the transition can feel isolating. You may hold resentment for not being able to do the things you loved prior to chasing your dreams. And it’s possible that even if you have support, dates, lovers, or a spouse, they may not understand your constant focus on your goals. Because of this constant struggle, some have written off love altogether.

And no one else seems to understand except another professional or entrepreneur pursuing their purpose.

So, it doesn't matter if you are just beginning your success journey or continuing to build from a solid foundation. If you want to love your personal life as much as you love your purpose, this community is for you..

What's the goal?

Our goal is to make every Love Hero feel supported, loved and validated. All of the content, conversations, and courses leads up to our members:

  • Feeling empowered and confident in their love lives
  • Succeeding without sacrificing a love life
  • Eliminating bad habits that recreate negative experiences
  • Building strong, respectful relationships
  • Having quality interactions with their family and a joyful family dynamic
  • Making lasting friendships with other Love Heroes
  • Creating moments of true connection within the community

Because, in the ELC, we believe that love is not a technique or a strategy, it's a relationship built on connection.

What do I get when I become a Love Hero?

  • Direct access to the founder, Byron Jamal, and other ELC leaders through the chat feature
  • Quick tips and blog posts giving you simple, actionable tools to help you connect more and struggle less with love
  • Guest speakers and information on topics like successful love, handling emotions, relationship tips, body care and more
  • Inspiration, polls, questions and discussions to get you thinking and engaging with other community members
  • Small, tailored Groups to help you connect with Love Heroes on a deeper level
  • Weekly love tips, idea and activities to do with your partner or date
  • Monthly Calls
    • Extraordinary Love Calls offer a time to meet via Zoom and connect with other members. Sometimes it's like a coffee chat and other times we tackle real issues.
    • Group Coaching Calls offer a chance to get LIVE coaching with Love Hero Leadership. All coaching calls are recorded and housed inside the group.
  • Our entire library of printable resources
  • Access to upcoming courses and webinars
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